Rugs That Fly and Other Tall Tales : Myths and Legends of Magical Transportation

Magic carpets. Winding rainbow bridges to the heavens. Primordial deities traversing night skies in flaming chariots. Our myths and legends are filled with fanciful forms of flight and mystical journeys by land, sea, and air.

In this unique volume, gather 'round the cosmic campfire and let humanity’s ancient storytellers and star-charting dreamers regale you with timeless tales of magical transportation. Detours through mythical history visit gods and heroes taking to the skies on feathered wings and enchanted footwear, along with scheming mortals chasing forbidden desire tunnels to the celestial realm.

Across cultures from Norse sagas to the Thousand and One Arabian Nights, these accounts proffer equal parts metaphor and mystical transcendence. Like Icarus' waxen wings, each myth coyly warns what happens when heroes or hubris hurtle too close to heavenly portals. And yet storytellers still summon these airborne symbols, scattering stardust in readers' eyes.

So settle into your finest armchair lookout, point your telescope down fabled byways, and let your imagination soar on this breathtaking magic carpet ride through our civilization’s most beloved myths of mystical mobility!