Gods, Demons, and Technicolor Dream Chariots

Meet the rambunctious gods, wily demons, and lavish dreamworlds of Hinduism's divine realms. This sweeping tour through India's vintage myths distills timeless tales to modern life wisdom - explaining karma, non-attachment, and how performing one's duty perpetuates cosmic order amidst earthly chaos.

Marvel at primal creator deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva dreaming reality into existence, then presiding over a riotously diverse divine ensemble as worlds endlessly dissolve and regenerate. Journey alongside Vishnu's avatars battling demon hordes, and the Pandava heroes of the Mahabharata waging apocalyptic war against cousins who violate sacred laws. Behold radiant goddesses ordaining destiny, artistry, and prosperity from their celestial abodes.

These symbolic stories encoded profound philosophies along the way. Tempering delightful flights of heavenly fancy, they call us to reflect upon impermanence, selflessly fulfill life's duties, and progress toward spiritual freedom - signifying enlightened reunion with the Divine force animating all creation.

Gods, Demons, and Technicolor Dream Chariots offers an accessible doorway to the layered cosmos of India's ancient lore - where timeless mystics and playful gods still dance, beckoning our imagination to glimpse ultimate reality behind the veils of illusion dividing earth and heaven.