Pandora's Box - Unleashing Hell

When stunningly beautiful Pandora washes up on shore with no memory of her existence, she soon finds herself enthralled by a mystifying box she is unable to open. This ornately forged gift from the gods hides sinister contents and darker purposes than Pandora could imagine.

Brimming with curiosity, Pandora embraces adventure and creation in her lush island paradise home while guarding her secret treasure. But whispers of its concealed evil plague her mind and cast suspicion on her true origins.

After she is banished from her Eden towards the unsuspecting people of Earth, only her new husband Epimetheus stands between Pandora and the box—along with a fateful choice that could damn them all. Can one woman resist ancient urges and a brewing storm of deception to prevent humankind from learning what should have remained forbidden?

Explore the gripping journey behind one of history’s most notorious acts of temptation in this character-driven retelling of the classic Greek myth of Pandora told through majestic prose and haunting foreshadowing.