Romulus to Remus: The Foundations of Roman Mythology

Myth shapes the soul of civilization. In Ancient Rome, no myths were more foundational than the legendary origins of the city's iconic founders: the twin brothers Romulus and Remus. Abandoned at birth yet raised by a she-wolf, the twins overcame early adversity and later established the enduring city-state. But fratricide and fierce disputes marred the foundations, seeding Rome's turbulent path to empire.

In this sweeping retelling, the iconic legend unfolds in full, colorful detail, chronicling the brothers from divine beginnings to their tragic split. Follow Romulus and Remus from their miraculous rescue by the Tiber river to shepherd childhoods where stellar leadership abilities become evident. Share their explosive homecoming as young men seeking to oust their tyrannical uncle and seize their heritage. Celebrate the triumph in battle and breaking of chains.

Then journey alongside the fracturing bond of twin siblings once united against the odds now driven apart by destiny's call. Weigh whether ambition and prophecy can justify Romulus slaying Remus over claims to kingship and the site of their new capital city. Delight in the cunning ploys and strident force of personality that allow Romulus to assemble Rome's first populace from motley refugees and kidnapped brides. Thrill at how swift early military victories cement the city's supremacy, fulfilling its founder's vision. Finally, marvel at Romulus's storm-borne apotheosis, attaining godhood alongside his divine father Mars.

Brimming with rich detail amidst compelling characters, this retelling distills the essential foundations of Rome's origin legend. Forging past adversity with strength and guile while backed by the gods, Romulus sets the aspirational archetype of leadership and Roman identity echoing down the millennia. His mythic legacy informed concepts of ambition, martial valor, resilience and destiny that defined Romans for ages, evidenced through resuscitations of the legend many generations later when Rome's fortunes ebbed.

Revisit the archetypal myth of the eternal city's formation in this accessible yet faithful rendition. Ideal for general readers and students alike seeking to understand the Romans' exemplary founder from humblest beginnings who attained immortality in more than mere name.