Druids and Daggers : The Enigmatic World of Celtic Mythology

Delve into an enchanted realm of Slavic myth and magic in Wicked Witch, Blazing Bird, exploring the storied origins of beloved folktales. Meet infamous yet complex figures like the chicken-legged hut dwelling Baba Yaga, who wields death yet bestows rebirth. Pursue the radiant immortal Firebird into a jeweled garden paradise no mortal eyes have glimpsed. Encounter sly Koschei the Deathless, tyrant of the magical realms, as maidens like clever Vasilisa unravel his dark schemes.

Let whispers around age-old village fires transport you back in time as ancient storytellers spin sinister tales of ominous forests sheltering wondrous secrets beyond human comprehension. Only the pure of spirit can hope to glimpse and return from these shadowed woods where magic and wonder lurk inside every copse and clearing.

Unearth the mystical Slavic world hiding just out of sight as we unpack enduring legends, artifacts and creatures intrinsic to Russian and Eastern European identity. Wicked witches, fabled feathery phoenixes and much more await beyond the tree line!